Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's a brother and a sister kind of thing

Kenzie Loves her little brother very much! She does this all the time when she is sitting by him!! It is cute until Jaxson tries to get away and she doesn't move her arm.. Then her arm gets wrapped aroud him and she usually end up on top of him!!

Just a random picture... but I liked it!! Aren't daddys great!!

Pumkins,Cupcakes,FUN FUN FUN!!!

So i have decided to put up some of our own pumpkin fun!! Kenzie and I glittered a pumpkin while every one else carved!!

I also made cupcakes to decorate and this is the one that Kenzie did... It is hard to smile while you are eating all the candy!!
So Jeff gets the best pumpkin award at our house!! Can you see the bat in the middle of the moon!! We are so proud..
The finished product of the glittered pumpkin!! We are thinking of going on Americas got talent!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Best Wife Ever!!

This is Jeff before he left me to go on his 4 day rafting trip.... Without me..... I thought oh I will be fine.. I will find something to do.. I will have my mom to talk to... My sister meme lives here so I will be with her... Plus by letting him go i would be the best wife ever.... Well I was wrong about all of those things except for me being the best wife ever!! My mom and dad are in Boston for the weekend and really have no time to talk to lonely Ole me. Meme has a job, school, and friends,so i see her for maybe a couple of hours here and there but not enough to not be lonely..So after this i have decided that he wont be doing fun rafting trips without me. I just hate being alone. At least being alone all day at home, when it is rainy, with kids who i love very much, but still... It is OK during the day but at night it gets long and dark and rainy. SO i think you get my point...He gets home sometime on Sunday probably late.. So i am going to try and be happy if he had a lot of fun.. and try not to complain all because I AM THE BEST WIFE EVER!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007



I am sorry for the crude ones Jeff helped me put this up and he thought it was funny and now i don't know how to take them off.. so sorry everyone who is disgusted.

It is getting close to Halloween so i wanted to put up some neat things to do with pumpkins!! This is funny and cool!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bath TIme Fun!!

Jaxson and Makenzie both love taking baths. It is so fun that they are both old enough to take a bath together! Every night before bed we put them in the bath to have a little bit of splish splash fun before they go to bed.