Wednesday, December 24, 2008



These are just a few random pictures!! Jaxson with a bump he got from running into the corner of the cupboards and some of kenzie helping assemble christmas ornaments!!

Getting our Christmas tree!!

Ok I know December is almost over but we did do a lot this month although none of you would know because of my not so good blogging skills.. so there will be about 5 different posts and I dont know if they will all show on one page but i will try!! Last year and this year we went to a little town called Silverton wich i love and would like to live there some day but any ways on the outskirts of this town there are lots of christmas tree farms and last year and this year we went with some of the people that jeff works with. It is always a good time and this year we decieded to pick the biggest tree we could find.. not so much the tallest but the fattest and it is awsome you cant really tell from pictures and i dont even know if i put one up of the whole thing but let me tell you it is big... please refrain from the thats what she said comments after.!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carrie Underwood!

Ok now these picuters are of the Carrie Underwood Concert that I went to thanks to Memes friend Sarah!! It was the best time ever and i loved every minute and then there is just a random one of me and Jax!!

I know, I know i am like the worst blogger ever and i really sorry about it but really im not that good at doing things while I am Pregnant. Anyways the pictures above are when my sister Katie and her husband Nate came to visit us after Thanksgiving! We had a lot of fun and are sad that they live so far away. Thanks for comming guys!!