Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey you guys!!

Last weekend Jeff's brother,(Uncle Jawet) as kenzie would call him aka (Jared)and his wife (Aunt Tawa), aka (Tara), came to Oregon to visit us before they go on there 2 year journey to Mozambique, Africaaa!! They are going to be helping the teachers learn to teach better education, and to help the students speak better English!! How awesome will that be for them, but at the same time awful for us because we will miss them so much. While they were here we went to the famous Cannon Beach,where the Goonies was filmed. It was awesome there every thing except the freezing cold sea breeze. Later on in the weekend we watched the Goonies!! For those of you who have never watched it or haven't seen it in a long time i recommend watching it again it is quite hilarious. We also took them up to Silver falls a hike with water falls throughout it. For the rest of the time we just hung out at home and watched the Office, Tara had never really watched an episode and we couldn't have her going to Africa without knowing the only the best show ever with the exception of Friends! Now she is basically the number one fan of the show i think we have done our job!! To wrap it up I just wanted to say that we had the best time with them and hope that we have convinced them enough that after there two long years they will be dieing without us and will have to move to Oregon! Love you guys , we will miss you! PS Tyson and Michelle still need to come here so we can convince them to move here too, so Tyson will stop applying for jobs in Cali!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A couple of weeks ago Makenzie, Jaxson, and I took a trip to Colorado to see my grandparents and my family!! We went to a Giants baseball game, and took a day long trip to Kansas to see my sister Jessica's grave. This sweet baby was born on October 13 and died on November 23 from a disease called trisome 13. I was 4, my brother Josh was 3, and my sister Meme was 2. So my mom had three little kids and now a new little baby in constant stress and pain to take care of. The day that Jessica died she was given a special blessing that her small body would be released of the pain that she was feeling. After it was given, her body relaxed for the first time in her life, and she died in her sleep later that night from a heart failure. Although she died at only 6 weeks and I don't really remember her except for a video of her we watch on special occasions, she is still a very big part of my life. On her birthday we do something nice for someone else for her gift, and for dinner we always have angel hair pasta and angel food cake for dessert. During Christmas, the tree is filled with special ornamets that different people have gotten her through the years. I also try do something extra nice for someone as a gift to her... She is also remembered every night or any time I say my prayers. I am so grateful to have a perfect sister, our guardian angel, as a daily example in my life.. a person who gives me a chance to think of others and forget myself... a person that I can't see, but I know she lives, and I know I will see her again one day and I can hardly wait!!