Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The beginging of our trip to California

This year after Christmas we took a trip up to California to visit Jeffs' family... and now it is time to put the kids to bed so iwill finish this later

Monday, January 05, 2009


The Dog House

Durring Christmas we got a box that was big enough to fit the kids in!! In the begining they were just climbing in then I told Jeff he should make a door for them, so he did and now it is a dog house for Makenzi and Jaxson.. Well at least for a while until it was to cold outside for the bunny and now it is the bunnys house in the garage. We really know how to use a box around here

Snow Days!!

Usually it doesn't snow in Salem but this year it did and i loved it!! We got about 2 feet.. It was nice because the kids could go out and play and not get dirty the only problem was we didnt have any snow gear.. So we put on what we had. It is all melted now but it sure was fun while it lasted!!