Monday, August 25, 2008

feeding the geese!!!

In certain areas of Salem there are a lot of geese, and these geese at any time may decide that they want to cross the road and when they do there is usually many who follow. When this happens traffic stops completely and there is no telling how long they are going to take to get from one side of the road to another!! good times There is one area though by Jeff's work where they kinda congregate and every time we pass it there are people feeding them and every time we pass Kenzie says i want to feed the geese so one day we stopped and fed them it was a little scary because the more you give them the closer they get to you and some of them have long spiddles of drool hanging down and they get quite aggressive..but the kids had fun and that is all that matters!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Peanut Butter and Jellie Saltines!!

One day Jeff came home and made Peanut butter and Jellie on Saltine crackers for the kids and now it is one of there favorite snacks!!


One night after dinner we took the kids on a walk to see some horses at the bottom of the hill.. Jeff and I often walk there because Makenzieloves to look at the horses.. But the day we took the kids the Kathy.. the lady who owned them was out and we asked if we could feed them and she let all the kids take a turn and feed them!! Then she said that if we came back on Saturday she would let everyone have a ride!! So that is just what we did!! The kids loved it and the horses were so good!! They are Police horses so they are very well trained A couple of friends came with us and every one got to help!! The kids loved riding even Jeff got up and rode bare back!! Thanks to Kathy for such a fun day!!

Kenzie, Kailee, and Keenai dressing up!!
Getting ready to ride horses!!
Kamasa, William, and Disney grooming the horse!!
Jaxson loved sitting on the horse!!
Kenzie trying to smile.. She said she couldnt because it was too sunny!!

1 boy,1 girl, and 8 kids!!

Jeff digging a hole with the kids!!

Kailee burried in the sand!
Best Buds!
A couple of weeks ago it was my parents 25th anniversary!! So they decided that they were gonna go back to California and do all the things they did on there honey moon and things they did while they lived in California!! So me being the best daughter ever said that we would watch the kids... so for a week we had eight children and i have learned that I will never be having eight children ever!! It is not that i was watching bad kids they are pretty good for kids but it is just a lot of work, a lot of food and a lot of fingerprints!! Here are a couple of pictures before my parents left... We went up to the beach!!