Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Under the desk!!

Under the desk!! One of there favorite places to play
Makenzie love sunglasses!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I like to move it move it!!

This is just a small clip of Kenzie singing i like to move it move it!! It is definatly not her best performance but it will do for now i need to upload new pictures but i dont know exactly how to do it with our new camera... so i will add new vidio and pictures hopefully soon!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So i dont know how to make my blog look cute!! I have never done it before I have always had my lovely helper Angela Barker handle all that sort of stuff for me, but tonight I decided to change things around a bit and it isnt as special as when she does it so maybe she could call me and Helpppppp me out a litte that would be great!! Thanks Ang!! Love ya.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Do you open presents from Santa first or last?

I know this is like a month late but I decided to put up a few Christmas pictures!! It was so fun this year because Makenzie is finally old enough to understand what is going on!! Every day she would say "Santa comes and brings me presents!" It was so cute i also told her how it is Jesus's birthday on Christmas.. She only messed up a few times and said it was her birthday on Christmas and Santa brings her presents!! We stayed in Oregon this year, I was really excited not to have to travel during the hustle and bustle of things but i didn't realize how challenging it would be mostly with traditions. Every other year we had either gone to Montana to visit my family or to California to see Jeff's, so it was easy we would just follow the traditions of that family but now that we were going to be all by ourselves who's tradition would we follow? In my family we always had Christmas Eve dinner and in our Christmas dinner we would have green bean casserole with french cut green beans Then we all went to look at lights and when we got home we got to open just one present of choice before we went to bed. In Jeff's family they made dinner on Christmas day and and used regular cut green beans and, didn't open any gifts on Christmas Eve. Those were just some of the small thing we were having problems with but the biggest on of all was opening presents from Santa in my family we always opened our presents from Santa first which makes sense to me because you go to bed so excited that Santa is going to come that when you wake up in the morning you want to open his first because that is what you have been waiting for. In Jeffs family they opened presents last from Santa because they were always the best ones so he sees it as best for last where I see it as best for first!! So how we did it this year was we had dinner on Christmas Eve, I won that one obviously since i was cooking and he actually liked it that way you have a nice dinner then and leftovers on Christmas day! I also bought french cut green beans once again because i was cooking. Although i might of picked the regular cut ones if i would of know how much she i mean he would cry about it. And all of us Except for Jeff opened a present on Christmas Eve. Then he said that since we did some or to him all of my traditions. We opened presents form Santa last. I still really didn't like that. So i started asking everyone i knew if they opened presents first or last form Santa. I probably asked 15-20 people and only 1 other person opened presents last.... So do you open your Presents from Santa first or last or how do you bargain with your spouse to start your own traditions. If you have any thoughts let me know!